— “Why is my hair so dry?”
— “what hair style works best for me?”
— “I’m using this product but it….?.”

I get many emails from readers asking specific questions and wanting personalized, 1-on-1 advice. Unfortunately, I can’t write detailed replies to every email.

Here are other ways you can find the answer:

Find the Answer …

#1: Search the Site (Free)
I’ve written 300+ articles on this website. To search for a specific topic, use the search tool located at the very top of this page on the menu bar. in the sidebar of any blog post.

#2: Search Our FAQ Videos (Free)
Search the video archives to see if we tackled your question during a previous episode.

#3: Join the Community (Free)
Ask the Curlfriend City Facebook Group, where Naturally Me Media  readers share excellent ideas, tips,  photos, and advice.

#4: Enroll in the Build a Flawless Natural Hair Regimen Email Course (Free)

Many of the hair questions you may have can you be traced back to what you’re  doing on your wash day. This free email course will walk you through some great tips over 7 days on the basic hair care building blocks to get you on the right track. (natural hair 101)

Build a Flawless Natural Hair Regimen!

Enroll in our FREE 7 day course where you will learn all the tips, tools, and steps you need to get build a FLAWLESS natural hair regimen in a week!

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#5: Join the Understanding Your Porosity Course  ($17)

natural hair, porosity, low porosity, high porosity, low porosity natural hairThis interactive video course with build upon the free email course listed above but really helps you test and learn your hair’s porosity to build a regimen and product stash that will ACTUALLY moisturize your hair since I’m sure your issue is probably constant dryness. This course is for you! Click here for more details and to enroll.


#6: Join #THEBALANCINGACT Course: 90 Days to Healthier Hair At Home ( $27)

This interactive video course tackles the elusive natural hair problem of damaged hair, not growing, and breakage. If you hair needs a breakthrough from dealing with splits, knots, breakage, constant dryness, no curl pattern then This course is for you! Click here for more details and to enroll.


Are you experiencing dry hair, breakage, frizziness, no length retention? Curlfriend your natural hair is out of balance!

Our latest course is all about achieving LONGER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER hair at home by balancing your moisture in your mane. This course will include expert interviews, tools, tips, facts, resources, and a 90 day growth challenge.

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#7: Schedule a Natural Hair Consulting Session

If you’d like private one-on-one feedback, please schedule a call,

Media Interviews

Please email and put the words “MEDIA REQUEST” in all-caps in the subject line.