Maintaining a healthy moisture protein balance can be a challenge. Understanding what creates the balance will go a long way to support you in your endeavor to achieve healthy, natural hair. When our hair is out of balance, it can lead to hair that is ragged, dry, crunchy and brittle to touch.

Well-balanced hair will demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and readily stretch. Unbalanced hair will sit there like a brillo pad and have a similar texture.

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The Deciding Factor

What about protein? What is the significance of hair and protein? Keratin is the protein in hair which gives it strength and structure. Many naturalistas favor protein treatments because they have the ability to bond to hair that has damage and replenishes the structure.

Often, if you find that your hair fails to soak in the water during your hair care regimen, it is indicative that the cuticles are flat and not open to receiving the hydration. Take time to seal in moisture. This effort means that you will need to follow a consistent hair care regimen of applying oils or moisturizing creams while taking steps to open those cuticles with deep conditioner activities.


While natural hair is known for becoming dry on occasion, it can also suffer from too much of a good thing –excessive conditioning. Thus, hair that lays limp or curl pattern stretches out beyond what you are accustomed to seeing may be receiving too much conditioner and you will need to consider applying a protein treatment to help reduce the level of moisture in hair.

How Porosity Levels Affect Your Moisture Protein Balance

You must understand the porosity of your hair to establish a good balance between moisture and protein. Hair porosity has to do with how well your hair can maintain moisture. Does water sit on top of your hair or does your hair readily absorb water?

  1. You can easily test a few strands of hair by placing them in a glass of water and watching to see if they sink or float. Hair that floats has poor porosity. Hair that sinks demonstrates that it is healthy and full of moisture. Hair that sinks quickly, in fact, is very rich with moisture!
  2. Another easy way to gleaming the porosity of your hair is to simply spray your hair with water. If you find that beads of water form on your hair rather than readily soaks into the hair strands, the chances are that your hair has low porosity.

For example, those who have hair with low porosity should implement a regimen that centers around moisture and hydration because their hair is already rich with protein.

For those naturalistas who have “normal” porosity, healthy hair that is well-hydrated, you will need to maintain the balance! Achieving balance will mean alternating your treatments weekly so that you do not tilt the scales.

For those who have high porosity, you too will need to alternate your hair care regimen with protein treatments and deep conditioning. Unfortunately, you are at an increasing risk for hair that will not maintain adequate hydration over the long-term and therefore, you will want to take advantage of protein treatments that support healthy hair structure and hydration. Low protein can affect the hair’s ability to hold moisture.

Keep an eye out for protein damage. Hair that is suffering from protein damage will be hard, dry and crunchy. Remember, it is a balance game and you need to pay attention to what it is your hair is telling you.

Finding Your Moisture Protein Balance With A Consistent Regimen

Balancing the moisture and protein levels in your hair is the single most impactful thing you can do to have healthy hair.

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If you are just starting your natural hair journey or  trying to get your hair back on track, a quality balanced hair regimen is your golden ticket. Many of us start  out loving our hair, trying to do everything right with it but somewhere along the line if its laziness, overwhelming of knowledge

But how do you build moisture protein balance regimen?

Introducing The Balancing Act: 90 days to Healthier Natural Hair at Home

Over the past 6 years I’ve helped over 200,000 women with their natural hair questions, woes, regimens, and product choices.  Everything from what to use, the latest trends, questions on hair styles and dryness.

I’ve been natural for over 10 years and I’ve pretty much seen it all, done it all, and wrote or vlogged about on my website and youtube channel!  I’ve tried just about every product known to the natural hair industry (hey .. it’s my job right?) in order to help women I serve everyday.

The crazy part?

Over the last few months my hair has been a mess. Breakage galore, hair all over my floor, sink, combs, my hair growing but its not getting longer, not too mention the constant dryness and lack of luster.. I kept asking myself what is going on . Why is this happening!

After really digging and researching what was going on with me I realized!

My hair was out of balance.

In my case I needed protein… BAD!

How Moisture Protein Balance Works

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I’ve learned a time-tested and proven strategy to get your hair healthy in 3 months!

  • Identified the building blocks of our hair. This will put everything else in perspective!
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  • This regimen and approach to hair care is tested and proven. But not just by me.  I’ve discussed this with many stylists and educators on this being the MISSING key many naturalistas face when do their hair at home.

Moral of the story: This course is grounded in proven principles and strategies that work. It’s broken down into simple, step-by-step modules that allow you to easily walk through each step.

No guesswork. Just follow the plan.

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