protein treatment, protein treatment for natural hairThe Importance of the Protein Treatment

Are you tired of hair that is weak and brittle in both structure and texture? Is it time to give your hair a boost in structure and strength? From rough hair to excessively dry hair, you probably are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to get your hair back under control. There is hope. A good protein treatment can go a long way to repairing the damage you are seeing.

Our hair structure contains a composition structure which includes keratin, a protein that gives each strand of hair it’s strength. Without, our hair becomes susceptible to damage in the face of daily hair manipulations like twisting, chemical treatments such as hair coloring and heat application that one experiences with flat irons and curling irons.


What are the Benefits of Protein Treatments?

Protein treatments are wonderful because the protein adheres to the basic structure of hair, providing for the necessary repair that Does your natural hair need a protein treatment? Find out nowsupports healthy hair. Protein treatments provides your hair with many advantages that become visual within a just a couple of treatments. Those benefits include:

  • Healthy hair growth
  • Strengthen hair
  • Slow and stop hair breakage
  • Support a healthy scalp
  • Reduces frizzy hair problems
  • Improve dry hair problems
  • Sustain hair growth

Protein Treatment Frequency

Protein treatment application frequency will vary person to person due to the varying quality and textures of hair and porosity. Your hair care regimen and practices may also have some impact on how often you apply protein treatment. For example, someone who regularly uses heat and chemicals (e.g. hair coloring) may need to use a protein treatment every two weeks. However, naturalistas with low porosity, may not have to utilize protein treatments as often as those with high porosity as their focus will tend to shift more to establishing moisture than protein.

For those with a healthier grade of hair, no damage, who happen to indulge in protective stylings such as braids and twists styles, these individuals may not be required to use protein treatments as often. Instead, these people may be able to go as long as six weeks between protein treatments.

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Favorite Products for Protein Treatment

There are many protein treatments available in today’s hair care market to support your efforts. Many naturalistas recommend the following the products:

Whichever product you decide to use for your protein treatment, be sure to follow it with a moisturizing hair care regimen. Your conditioner should be moisture-rich and specifically designed for damaged or dry hair.

There are a few other ways to improve the protein naturally in your hair including by paying attention to the things that you eat. Choosing a diet that is rich in protein can have a noticeable impact on the general structure and quality of your hair.  Specifically, eating poultry (chicken and turkey), fish (salmon, sardines, and mackerel), Greek yogurt, beef, and eggs is a wonderful, natural way to boost your protein intake.

How to Tell If You Need A Protein Treatment


The Best Way to Add Protein Treatments into Your Regimen

As you can see protein treatments are ESSENTIAL to the health of your natural hair. We get hung up on adding a lot of moisture and deep conditioning treatments but that can actually make our hair event drier. The right balance of protein and moisture is the only way your hair will become longer, stronger, and healthier.

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Protein treatments offer you the chance to take control of hair that might otherwise be weak in texture and not growing at the rate you would like to see it. Whether you choose to change your diet, modify the products you are using, change your hair care regimen or all of the above; you now know the importance of using protein treatments as needed to take control of your hair.





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