Guest Post By: Thomas Love

With the release of Solange Knowles now number 1 Billboard charting album , {A Seat at the Table} it looks like she has now made it her time to burst out her insanely successful big sisters some what shadow.

Honestly her whole persona strikes me as someone that enjoys and somewhat flourishes in the not so lit part of the stage in music.  Somewhat touting her career as an off beat songstress and writer

who only is known by the elitist of music lovers not the average Top 40 knob turners.

Amongst this whirlwind of new found lime light that she has jumped into and dare I say deserves  she drops the video visual for her song “Don’t Touch My Hair”.


a sultry smooth mid tempo sound that is as pleasing to the ears as butter pecan ice cream is to the tongue just smooth…….. and buttery. As I sit back and listen to all the beautiful nuances of this song, I cant help but to go a little surface level to the point of superficial with my thought process (Hey I’m A Guy) , starting with the title “Don’t touch my hair” , something that has been venomously chanted by countless girlfriends and women alike since the beginning of time.

And I’m left with a question WHY NOT ?


Why Can’t I Touch Your Hair ?

Why can’t I run my calloused and rough hands through the beauty of your mane ?Image result for don't touch my hair

Yes, I might disturb some kinks and move a few curls. But you are beautiful and your hair is apart of that, not being one for a lot of words especially in that moment where I stand there awestruck at your beauty.  I replace smooth sayings and quick comments with loving strokes through your hair …… I mean give us men a break you get all dolled up,  smelling good , yall know how you do!

Everything looking edible and then as I go to move my hand towards your hair just to have a touch to confirm that the object of desire that is standing in front of me is reality then…




DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR.! You Crazy!??!


Followed by a list quickly rattled off including the time it took for you to do it and where you have to go ….


I sit there watching those cute little wrinkles form in your forehead from frowns and anger and the sudden realizations that you will have to fix your hair again…. the words coming from your lips get less and less more distinct turning into a  blur of sounds like

Image result for charlie brown teacher

that I’ve learned to tune out ….. I look at you and think

Damn I’m glad I touched your hair ….even through all the anger and rage ….you’re still beautiful ……


So to my fellow men out there ….keep reaching for here luscious locks ,curly goodness and silky waves….


its ohhhh so worth it……

men and natural hair


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Ladies do you mind if your mind touches your hair? Leave a comment below




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