8 Easy Tips to Grow Long Natural Hair

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So you’re looking to grow gorgeous, beautiful,  long natural hair?  Good news! It has been done and can be done. Yes! Even you can achieve that length you’ve been searching for.

#1 Do Not Fear the Big Chop

Whether you are just transitioning or a full-fledged natural diva, make sure that you keep those ends healthy and trimmed. The last thing you want to have are ends that are split that allow breakage to travel up the shaft or ends that easily knot or become tangled because they are unkempt.

Do not be afraid to get a Big Chop, meaning a significant haircut, if you need to do so to find your healthiest hair.

#2 Protect the Moisture of Your Hair

Curly hair does not retain as much moisture as straight hair and therefore, you must work hard to infuse moisture into your hair. Taking steps to moisturize your hair includes using moisture-rich shampoo and using a conditioner, alternating that regimen with a deep-conditioning regimen. Some experts even recommend weekly deep conditioning. Be careful however to not over condition your hair as this can also compromise the structure of your hair.  Too much moisture can can cause breakage and believe it or not dryness too! In order to get healthy, long flowing natural hair your hair must be BALANCED with proper levels of moisture and protein.


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Do not be afraid of water. It’s a great way to provide hydration to your hair and support the product you are using to supply moisture!

#3 Use Protective Stylesgoddess locs lisa bonet

Use protective styles on your hair to reduce the amount of manipulation on your hair. Alot of women seem to think their hair is simply not growing to be long natural hair however, the  real issue is that its not retaining the length that is growing from your scalp every month. Be careful not to use hairstyles that create too much tension on your hair as this can increase the risk of breakage. Instead, choose styles that don’t increase the chances of you damaging your hair or disrupting progress of hair growth. Some examples include but aren’t limited to:

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#4 Use Natural Poos in Moderation

Some natural hair divas will say that you should limit your use of shampoos and consider co-washing because excessive use of shampoos may prove too dry to natural hair, stripping it of its natural oils and increasing the risk of damage to its structure and breakage. I however , prefer to use moisturizing sulfate free shampoos instead to be sure the hair is getting cleansed properly and not stripped.

Be sure to section your hair during the natural hair washing process to allow for adequate distribution of the cleansing poos and conditioner and to also ensure proper rinsing.

#5 Stick to a Consistent Regimen

Cleanse your hair every one to two weeks to create consistency and reduce product build-up that can clog your pores and change your hair structure! Using a clarifying shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo will help you to maintain clean hair. The frequency may vary from naturalista to naturalista. Next you would want to find a product or product family and stick with it versus swapping out hair products. I know this will be hard because we are bombarded with this product, or that product but sticking with one GREAT complete line will help you hair flourish.

My fave complete lines that I personally use and  are great for all hair types and textures are:

Basic Hair Care

Hydratherma Naturals

Finding where to start with creating a flawless hair regimen can be overwhelming. There is sooo much information out there it can be hard to put it in order. No worries! I have created an easy 7 day email course to help you get on track to getting long healthy hair. Just sign up here:

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#6 Assist Scalp Circulation

Whether during the hair washing process or an impromptu oil massage, take the time to massage your scalp and improve circulation. Research has shown that scalp massages can improve circulation which ultimately will stimulate hair growth.  You can apply oils to your scalp whether wearing a protective style or with a twist out.

#7 Limit Use of Heat

Avoid use of heat as much as possible. Do not be afraid to embrace your natural curls. Instead, look for natural ways to stretch your hair if you are seeking length and a straighter pattern.

If you decide to flat iron your hair, avoid multiple passes so that you minimize your risk of damage.

#8 Be Careful with Using Combs or Brushes  

washed natural hair, kinky hair, natural hair, curly hair, clean natural hairMany women may struggle with this but be careful with use of combs on your hair in between washings. Excessive combing or even brushing can cause natural hair to break.  Excessive styling as seen with nightly twisting and daily twist outs can also disrupt hair and cause it to break.

These are just a few tips to help you grow beautiful, long natural hair!

Build a Flawless Natural Hair Regimen!

Enroll in our FREE 7 day course where you will learn all the tips, tools, and steps you need to get build a FLAWLESS natural hair regimen in a week!

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