Detangling natural hair can be frustrating, it hurts , takes a long time, and let’s be honest probably the most dreaded part of doing our hair!

Here are 4 of the Best Combs & Brushes to get rid of those pesky tangles  in your natural hair! For the best tips on how to actually detangle your natural hair click here

Tangle Teezer

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The Tangle Teezer popped on the scene around 2011 and I’ve been using it since then. If you want to see an EXTREMELY old video of me demonstrating it (I promise I’ve gotten better lol) you can check out here . This thing glides through the thickest hair without slowing down , it comes in a lot of fun colors , it’s affordable, detangles fast,  and it lasts a LONNNGGG time. I literally still have the same one you see in the video ( and my boyfriend has hijacked it as his own now lol)


Wide Tooth Comb

The good old fashioned wide tooth comb never fails! The wider the teeth the better to glide through those tangles and mats. Even if you do invest in the other fancier options a wide tooth comb is a MUST in your natural hair toolkit! I’m all about beauty on a budget and you can score a lot of these combs for very little money!


Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

World renowned celebrity natural hair stylist, Felicia Leatherwood created an awesome detangler brush that helps REDUCE breakage and shedding and it’s only $14!


Denman Brush

denman brush, denman brush on natural hair








The tried and true Denman brush, I personally have the paddle version D83 ( seen on the right)  as well as the D3 version (seen on the left) and they are both AWESOME! I even had the knock off D3 for years and I will say the Denman version was much better. The bristles last For-ever and is definitely worth the investment. I’ve had my paddle brush for 9 years, yeah yeah the name is worn off  but not one ball tip has fell off yet. If I could have bought 10 cheap knockoffs by now and it would have just been a waste of money.



Pair any of these tools with Aunt Jackie’s Knot on  My Watch and you have a tangle free combo that’s unstoppable!

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