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Bald heads , low natural hair cut or extremely low TWA’S are like the epitome of what the ultimate big chop looks like. It’s fearless, bold, sassy, and wake and go ready. Many women are really afraid to cut their hair this low but I’m sure the 15 ladies below will boost your confidence to take the leap.

You can truly say when rocking a bald head after transitioning from relaxed to natural hair that “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS”

4 Reasons Why The Low Natural Hair Cut Is Great!

  • Extremely low maintenance-  wrap a satin scarf on your head at night, moisturize in the morning and GO!
  • Head pieces like turbans, headbands,and hats will always make your style POP!
  • Can save money on hair products- Since you will have such little hair your hair products will last a lot longer.
  • Quicker time at the salon- If you want to maintain your low cut for awhile heading to a Barber can save a ton of time on getting your hair styled.

I love that these 15 pictures of stunning bald heads will surely be show stoppers and give you another style choice if you are transitioning to natural hair or you are just simply wanting a drastic new change.



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